We offer free counseling for all citizens and companies in Kommune Kujalleq. Contact us and find out how we can help you
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    Innovation South Greenland is supporting local companies in the food business to create a community strenghtening food production and development in the region
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    Innovation South Greenland is Destionation Manager and Tourism Developer for the whole South Greenland region
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    Read more about our work related to mine projects in the region. Our goal is to ensure commitment the the local community and use of the local workforce

    South Greenland holds a huge potential within the area of Blue Economy. Contact us for more info
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Innovation South Greenland have made a report regarding the use of wool. However, it is still not translated into English. 

We are currently having a translator translating the report and will post it here, as soon as it is ready. 

About ISG

Innovation South Greenland A/S is the center of Business, Tourism Development and Entrepreneurship in Kommune Kujalleq.

Collaboration leads to results! Our main task is to create bonds between collaborators and professional fields in a way that creates growth and development in the whole region of South Greenland.

Contact us if you need professional counseling to start up a business or to develop your existing shop or company.

  • Rasmus Christian Rasmussen, Formand
  • Stine Egede
  • Poul-Erik Frederiksen
  • Ole Vestergaard
  • Jim Riis
  • Hentzar Petersen
  • Hans Peter Hansen


We work within the four columns of Kommune Kujalleq’s focus areas .
(click on each column to read more)


  • Destination Management Organisation
  • Regional Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Facilitation of partnerships between local and International actors
  • Counseling within product development


  • Rådgivning om Licenstyper
  • Administration af KAPS og Brættet
  • Kompetenceudvikling
  • Udvikling af Fiskeriet


  • Cluster Cooperation
  • Product Development
  • Foodfestival
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Mapping of Local Food Resources

Mining and Resources

  • Ensure commitment to local community
  • Analysis of needed competences
  • Consultant Services
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies
  • Marketing of Sub-Suppliers

Do you need professional advice?

  • Business development

    We offer counseling in all phases of the business development of your company. This applies to new entrepreneurs as well as established well-running companies. Among other things, we can assist in the development of business plans and company form.

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  • Financing opportunities

    We have all around knowledge of financing options. We also have access to www.fonde.dk. In Greenland, the most accessible support option is to go through Innovation Greenland.

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  • Product development

    We are specialists in product development and can help turn your good idea into a salable product. This applies to both the development of services as well as physical products.

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  • Cluster collaboration

    Innovation South Greenland participates in several international cluster collaborations, including in Blue Economy. In addition, we facilitate several local working groups with the aim of creating a common path for development in South Greenland in the future.

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  • Courses and Workshops

    We offer courses and workshops within the topics described above. We can put together special courses that suit exactly the topic you and your organization needs to be qualified in.
    (payment may occur depending on the customer and the form of the course / workshop)

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