We are working to create a food culture in South Greenland that focuses on our own local products. To give guidelines and education to local food preduceres to become more prepared for international standards. To make local people proud of where their food comes from, who is producing it and how we achieve the good taste. This all contributes to the branding of South Greenland as a food destination / the Garden of Greenland.

Read more about ISG's culinary development projects here.

Culinary development projects

Igagit FoodLab

The idea is to provide space and opportunity for contractors, food enthusiasts and those interested in food in general to work in a good professional food-approved kitchen. In addition to having the necessary utensils, the kitchen must also be able to host workshops, pop-up events and other similar events. The primary focus of the Igagit Foodlab will be to create South Greenlandic products for the domestic market, which in the long run can be exported.

Local Ingredient Database

A food database based on existing data, e.g. asimi. The idea is to give people a database focusing on the raw material. How/where is the raw material caught/gathered, how does it taste and how can/is it used in cooking. Properties and taste are important in the narrative and continuously will be updated.

Local ingredient photo bank

The idea is to create a photo database of Greenlandic raw food materials in South Greenland. Since in our work in Innovation South Greenland we see a greater and greater necessity to have good image materials from Greenlandic raw materials. And at the same time seeing the visual value in images that can be used by education, workplaces and people in general, we will create a visual raw material database. The photo database is an extension of a comprehensive mapping of South Greenlandic foods, partly financed by funds from the foundation NAPA.

Mamartukuluut branding

South Greenland's food brand. We want Mamartukuluut to be South Greenland's regional food brand. With the seal of Mamartukuluut, one will never be in doubt where the given product comes from and which quality it has.

Igasa Food Festival

Igasa Food Festival is South Greenland's annual food festival. The idea of ​​the festival is to make October the month of food in South Greenland. We have set the festival in October, because the month is a safe month to travel around in, there are lots of products from the summer harvest, the sheep have been slaughtered and there are lots of things that can be caught, gathered and fished. Throughout October, we will create various events and food-based workshops throughout the region. The festival exists to give the population of South Greenland the opportunity to taste their own cuisine, to provide inspiration and sensual experiences. The festival will also provide an opportunity for sparring and knowledge sharing across the region and the Arctic.

Arctic Food Collective

To create a network across the North Atlantic regions, which creates strength for South Greenlandic cuisine. The network must have its starting point in South Greenland and must be a tool to help promote our food culture through sparring and knowledge sharing across the Arctic regions.

Knowledge Festival

Festival for food specialists held by DTU sisimiut, as part of their running Knowledge Festival in Sisimiut. ISG will give a presentation on product development together with other specialists in the food sector. The festival will be a good opportunity to meet exciting people with great knowledge in the greenlandic food field.

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