KUJATAA, UNESCO World Heritage in South Greenland

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Cultural Preservation

Cultural interviews

Immaterial collection. Continuation of interviews with scientists, which will initially be made into and presented as podcasts. Over the years, many interviews have been conducted to gather the intangible cultural heritage, as there is not much in writing. This spring, ISG's KUJATAA Park Ranger will go to Narsaq to interview elderly people.

Teaching Materials

The purpose is to produce materials about KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site that can be used in teaching, as well as to renew the materials we already have so that we can use them in primary schools and educational institutions. The goal is also to reach all the settlements and adapt the material to their needs. In the future, it will result in teaching materials, in which case is not yet certain.

Qassiarsuk 100 Year Anniversary

In summer 2024 Qassiarsuk will celebrate its 100 year anniversary, to honour that in June 1924 the settlement was founded by Otto & Tiipaaraq Frederiksen as the very first sheep farm in Greenland. ISG wants to support the local community of council members, farmers and business owners in Qassiarsuk with planning events, marketing and more. Qassiarsuk's 100 Year Anniversary could be a wonderful holiday for both Greenlandic and international visitors. Given that Qassiarsuk is located within KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site, and thereby is also included on the Government of Greenland's list of national highlights, all of these themes can help contribute to tourism development within the settlement.


Activating Arctic Heritage

The multi-year archaeological project with a budget of DKK 17 million and in which KUJATAA has participated is nearing completion and ISG will participate when results are presented.

Arctic Education Alliance

ISG is part of a collaborative project funded from USA in which students from Campus Kujalleq and students from the Unversity of Maine go to KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site component areas to evaluate what should be improved and to make a report. These suggestions will be considered when creating the strategic goals and tasks for KUJATAA.

NORA Viking Youth

The project will focus on the following themes: reduction of environmental pollution, reduction of energy use, sustainable solutions for exhibits and reconstruction buildings, sustainable economy, planning of archeological excavations and historic methods of sustainable practices. This is a project ISG is part of and which has started in collaboration with museums from Iceland, Norway and Scotland where the purpose is sustainability and inclusion of young students. Funding for the project has been applied for from NORA and we are awaiting a response from there. When we succeed, we are looking for 2 students from Campus Kujalleq to participate in the project. The project will run for 3 years, during which the young students / partners will participate in the upcoming trips in connection with the project. Throughout the process, the focus will be sustainability. The project with the trails in Qaqortukulooq will be included in this project.

Heritage On Edge

International archeologists will use cutting edge technology to find ruins within KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site. They will work in Iceland this year and in Greenland next year.

Site Management

Authorised Site Guides

Job description for Authorised Site Guides in Qassiarsuk and Igaliku, mini course. There will be Site Guides from 1 June to 15 September. It will be the 4th year with local Authorised Site Guides within KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Behaviour Guidelines

Tourists' behaviour within KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site needs to be controlled more. A high number of tourists leads to degradation of the vegetation and ruins in the various component areas. Therefore it is ISG's job to find ways to support maintenance of the area, such as walking pathways.


The most visited ruin areas of KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site must have paths to protect the ancient monuments. To this come some Icelanders who have experience with just this kind of work and, while training local people, have to start the creation of these paths. This is the start of a multi-year project to create trails in Qaqortukulooq. In this first stage, partners must be found and then applications to foundations must be started.


Steering Committee

Consistent meetings with the Steering Group for KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site, to determine strategic goals and tasks. Goals are set and tasks are distributed. Members of the steering committee come from: Kommune Kujalleq municipality, The Government of Greenland, The Danish Cultural Agency and Greenland National Museum and Archives. ISG's KUJATAA Site Manager is secretary.

Periodic Reporting

As manager for KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site, ISG is required to report to the UNESCO office in Paris every sixth year. This year we will send a preliminary report to Denmark at the end of March which will be turned in together with all other UNESCO World Heritage Sites registered under Denmark. ISG's KUJATAA Site Manager is responsible for writing the report.

Site Management Plan

The new site management plan for the next 4 years must be completed. The overall objective of the management plan is to protect the values of particular universal significance for KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Tourism season expansion

This is the development phase of spring tourism experiences within KUJATAA, South Greenland's UNESCO World Heritage Site, created together with ISG's Tourism Destination Manager and local stakeholders. Extension of direct flight connection to spring, allows to extend the tourist season.

NORA Seminar

ISG's KUJATAA Site Manager, KUJATAA Park Ranger and Tourism Destination Manager participate in the seminar held in Sisimiut 14-15 March 2023.

Towards Better Tourism

ISG's KUJATAA Site Manager, KUJATAA Park Ranger and Tourism Destination Manager participate in this seminar held in Nuuk in April 2023. Read more about the seminar on the Tourism Development page of this ISG website.

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